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Car bike shredder machine


Product Description


Waste automate car /Autobike /bike bicycles scrap shredders is widely used in waste car /bicycle reusing business or melting business ,our company automate car shredder is improved and developed based on years practical and study. 
Waste cars/van/ shell of waste car/bicycle scrap/used motorbike 
1:Lower speed , higher torque, less noise 
2:Its convenient and easy to process and convey the front work of materials dry/pressing block/refining/crushing/chemical fireproof materials. 
3:Shredder could significantly reduce materials volume, materials feeding could  continue or intermittent feeding.
4:There are safety protecting device on the shredder to avoid breaking parts of machinery of accident. 
5:Automate reversing function is also equipped with PLC to avoid breaking equipment . 
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