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Gravity separating method copper wire recycling equipment

Gravity separating method copper wire recycling machine is widely used into the cellphone wire / PCB boards wire / copper wire / jelly cable / home wire , the raw materials through specialized crusher to crushing them 2-3 mm , the PVC have apart from the copper . then gravity separator to separate copper from PVC . the copper recycling rate surpass 98%.

Product Description

Gravity separator method waste copper wire recycling machine is through multi cutting /crushing/airflow separation etc to get copper from plastic by vibrating screen, its our company promoted another kind of copper wire recycling machine. 

working principle

gravity separating method copper wire recycling machine is to different kinds of the copper cable wire , if customer materials of copper wire diameter is more than φ25 mm .

Double shaft shredder will add in front of whole system . after that the finished products from shredder is 3-5 cm  . then shredded copper wire will be conveyed to the specialized cursher machine to get the  final product 3 mm . the gravity separator machine will separate the copper from the PVC. 
there is no any pollution duirng processing . the dust catching system has been added . 

The copper wire input should be meet the under condition : 
1. Dry materials , the materials should be dry without the moisture . 
2. The copper wire input diameter is no limited , there is the single strand or the multi strand . 


1: a dry separation processing method , no water or chemicals, meet environmental requirements.
2: the use of advanced grinding technology, a feeding machine, multi-machine with high degree of automation, PLC control.
3: Copper wire recycling machine precision communication cable ≥99%, telephone, computer communications line 98%.
4: Using a triple dust removal device developed by our company, and there are three levels of dust means dust: cyclone, bag filter and air cleaner dust effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

Technical parameter

Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Dimension (m)
SX-400 27 200-300 3.4×2.1×2.15
SX-600 45 400-500 4.2×2.1×2.45
SX-800 65 600-800 5.6*2.1*2.6

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