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Integral waste copper wire recycling machine


Product Description

Appliance and functions:

integral waste copper wire recycling machine is to different kinds of automate wire/communication cable wire/ unsuitable to the copper wire chipper materials/cellphone wire /house appliance wire .etc 

Advantage of this machine is mixed cable wire do not need to sort could be fed into this machinery directly . Crushing/separating the final copper purity rate is up to 98% . Also there is no dust pollution . The structure of copper wire recycling machine is easy and convenient to shipment. Technician is not necessary to dispatched installing /working performance/higher efficient. This waste copper wire recycling machine exchange the burning method and water table shaking . 


Control system :
1. Triangle star panel
 2. Motor heating protecting device 
3. Delay starting work protecting device 
4. Easy operation ,one time feeding whole system is automate through conveying/crushing/dry physical method to recycling copper or plastic .
5.There is no any pollution during processing .higher benefit .

Technical Parameters:

Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Dimension (m)
SX-400 27 200-300 3.4×2.1×2.15
SX-600 45 400-500 4.2×2.1×2.45

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