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Physical method electronic components capacitor dismantling machine

The physical method of electronic components capacitors dismantling machine is for the computer board / tv board / cellphone board / overleft PCB board through the cutter to move the capacitor .

Product Description

Waste PCB boards dismantling machine also named waste PCB boards disassembling machine or waste electronic components dismantling machine, its latest PCB components dismantling machine . Higher automate instead of labor dismantling . Dust catching automate , decreasing dismantling time , less area. 


1. Physical method to move capacitor from PCB board 
2. Higher efficient of 98% 
3. Operator 1 
4. Power 7.5 kw  output 300-400 kg/h 
5. the whole system assembled with the dust catching system 

Technical parameter

Name Model Power QTY(PCS) Dimensions
Melting furnace SX-300 3000W/AC220V 2set 0.65 * 0.43 * 0.75m
Automate dismantling machine SX-600 1.1KW 1set 6 *0.8 * 1.5m

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