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High quality post-sale service 
Welcome you to select the machine which Our company produces, here each kind of equipment will provide for you, we can guarantee that it is the national high quality product. Our company is not only responsible for free consultation of each kind of related questions, providing each kind of related corresponding technical guidance, the technical coordination, but also has one post-sale service troop which is well-trained,it has rich experience and technical force ,once a product sales, then we'll according to the user request's date, send out the experienced technical person as free as on-the-spot guidance installment,to help the user for te scene debugging, the instruction load test and the test run, and training operators.
(1)select the type of the equipments. 
(2) design and manufacture products according to the customer's special request.
(3) train technical person for the customer.
(4)the company will sent engineers and techncians freely to plan the location, design best technological procrss the for user. 

Sells Service
If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.
(1)Product approval.
(2) Assists the customer to draft the plan of construction.
(1) sent special post-sale service person to the customers' for a on-the-spot guidance of installation and trial run freely. 
(2) installing the debugging of the equipment.
(3) on-the-spot training operators.
(4) after the set of equipment installment finished,we'll left behind 1-2 specialty technical person to assist the customer to produce for free for 1 month, until user satisfied.
Please contact us, to discuss your requirements freely. Your enquiry will be answered shortly.

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