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Standard wood flour making machine

wood flour making machine / wood sawdust flour making machine is for the wood sawdust / peanut shell / wood chips / wood slice / wood particle through the wood flour making machine to reach 30 meshes / 60 meshes / 80 meshes / 120 meshes / 150 meshes / 180 meshes . the final product can be controlled standard .
  • SX700
  • 12kw
  • 1
  • 12 square meters

Product Description

Standard wood flour making machine (standard wood flour making machine) is our factory’s another new type product in the market of wood flour making machine .This machine can guarantee the standard rate of the finished products and solve the inconvenience owing to the uneven final product fineness. It configures a standard stainless steel screen in inner so that the fineness of the finished products can be standard and arbitrarily chosen. This machine is compact, convenient to package, easy to operate and of no dust pollution, so it is an ideal powder making equipment. 
Two kinds of standard wood flour making machine: standard wood four making machine /standard wood flour making equipment(Self-collecting finished products type)


Hardwood powder, bamboo powder, cork powder, PVC plastic, rice husk, corn core, peanut shells, husk, bran, pesticides, charcoal, rigid foam, small tire lines, tooth material, dye, leather, mica, refined cotton, sea products, spices, fodder and other 


1 ,fluent water could be linked to cause cooling function
2,the sieve could be exchanged as customer requirement.
3, blade is made of special alloy,much more durable, multi-repair reusing.
4,There are less noise and shaking/beautiful outsize, much more durable ,higher outlet
5,There are self -collecting finished products feature  to make sure safety processing , replacing the traditional wood four making machine directly feeding with metal damage the blades disadvantage. 

technical parameter

 Model SX-500 SX-700 SX-1000
Host machine(kw) 22-30 30-37 45-55
Rotary screen(kw) 3 5.5 5.5
Host Rotary(R/M) 2900 2900 2900
Outlet(kg) 60-500 80-500 100-500
Final product(mesh) 40-300 40-300 40-300
Area(L*w*H) 4.5*2*5m 5*2.5*5 5*2.5*5

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