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Waste copper wire recycling machine


Product Description

Waste copper wire recycling machine also named cable wire crusher ,was improved on electrostatic separator machine based on years experience and practices .
 Cable wire/copper wire through breaking/crushing/separating ,the metal recycling rate and purity could be up to 99% . 
Flow sheet : 
Flow sheet : crushing-airflow separating-second grinding -electrostatic separator-dust catching system.


Appliance : 
Kinds of waste cable wire/communication wire/Multi-strand or single-stranded cable/telephone wire/copper cable and so on 


Characters : 
1. Dry method crude crushing/fineness crushing.getting the mixed copper and plastics . 
2. Multi  combination crusher structure one time feeding, multi-machine completed, together with the automatic transmission, sound insulation technology, cooling systems, etc., to separate metal from plastic. 
3. Separating system is equipped with our electrostatic separator,no need to add water /chemical liquid ,every parts could meet environment standard . 
4. our company developed crude crusher/fineness crusher/separator have a strong innovation with reasonable production line .
Technical date:
Name Model Power QTY(PCS) Dimension
Crude crusher SX600 30KW 1 2.1*1.6*2.2m
Belt conveyor SX500 1.1KW 1 2.5*0.8*1.2m
Vibrating screen SX800 0.75KW 2 2*1*1.5m
Cyclone SX800 \ 1 1*1*4m
Dust catcher SX1500 \ 2 1.5*1.5*5.5m
Fan \ 1.1KW 1 \
Grinder SX700 22KW 1 2*1.6*1.5m
Analyzer SX800 1.1KW 1 1.2*1.2*4m
Bucket elevator SX180 1.1KW 1 0.6*0.6*5.5m
Electrostatic separator SX1002 1.1+2.2KW 1 2*1.8*2.3
Outlet 400-500kg/h
Total power 55KW
Area 70

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