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wood fiber making machine

wood wool making machine / wood fiber making machine / the wood flour for the wood fiber making equipment . its using for the wood log / wood branches

Product Description

Waste fiber crusher is our company combined with home and abroad latest technology to process ultra-fineness power , also with the traditional wood flour making machine advanced technology,A former traditional wood flour machine crushing principle, a bold vision of researchers, and the principles of a comprehensive variety of domestic crushing equipment successfully develop and produce three crushing principle as one of the energy-efficient wood flour crusher. 

working principle

wood fiber crusher machine assembled with  fineness analyzer, is specialized in lightweight materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials such as special difficult crushing of the new crusher equipment. The advantage is feeding materials with self-priming feed, keep forever safe production, replacing the traditional direct feeding, avoiding careless put metals to damage equipment.


Nutshell, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, grinding taro, mysterious hemp, rice husk, corn cobs, straw, starch, food category, shrimp, fish, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, ginger, garlic, pumpkin powder, spices, jujube, paper, board, plastics, chemicals, water products, mica, etc. (Note: The explosive  not  suitable to process


Model 500 700 1000
Moisture 6% 2% 2%
Fineness (mesh) 40-300 40-200 40-200
Outlet(kg) 40-200 70-250 80-300
Speed(R/M) 3300 3200 3000
Classifier (kw) 1.1 2.2 2.2
Host machine (kw) 15 22 45
G.W(KG) 2100 3100 3300 

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